The 9front project maintains several mailing lists which users should subscribe to and follow. To subscribe to a mailing list, send an e-mail message to, where list is the name of the mailing list. That address is an automated subscription service. In the body of your message, on a single line, you should include the subscribe command.

After subscribing, list messages are sent to and received from, where list is the name of the mailing list.

The lists are as follows:

To unsubscribe from a list, you will again send an e-mail message to, this time containing, on a single line, the unsubscribe command.

Note: The following domains currently block mail from,,,,,,,,,

Mailing list archives are available via 9p:

Each of these directories contains messages sent to the respective mailing list in mdir format, one message per file. Erick Quanstrom's nupas upas/fs (now merged with 9front upas) can mount these directories as mailboxes, for reading directly with a mail client. Note: Opening large mailboxes over a slow 9p link will be very slow.